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 gd.com Exclusive: A rare photo of Coach John L. Smith and Wise mountain guru Nanak, atop Mt. Kili. 

Coach Smith's Trip to Kilimanjaro

What did coach Smith find this summer on his climb?


This summer Michigan State coach John L. Smith made time to get away from the rat race of Big Ten football and do something the wild coach always wanted to do: Climb the famed Mount Kilimanjaro. 


In an effort to learn more about this excursion, we found guru Sanil Nanak, a local wiseman who lives perched atop the Crown of Africa.  Guru Nanak spent a lot time with Coach Smith during his trip and was kind enough to sit down with gregdooley.com:


GD.com:  Did you find your time with Coach Smith rewarding?

Nanak:  Yes indeed. John is a special man with much insight into life in the United States.  And he gave me his elephant skin cowboy boots.


GD.com:  Did you have any advice for Coach Smith?

Nanak:  I encouraged him to get in on the Google IPO, although I didn't like that goofy Dutch auction. 


GD.com:  How about football advice?

Nanak:  Oh - yes, we talked a while.  I told him to take the Patriots to repeat this year, but to lay some of that off on the Eagles.  You just don't know about McNabb.


GD.com:  I guess I meant Michigan State football.

Nanak:  Hmm, yes, I said 'John, keep building the luxury sky boxes'.  John was concerned about his quarterback situation, I told him to stick one guy in there and go with him.  But don't let him play on special teams.


GD.com:  Did Coach Smith discuss a return trip to see you?

Nanak:  He did, but next summer John wants to lead a trek to the North Pole and meet Santa Claus.


GD.com:  You seem to very up to date with current events, how do you stay informed?

Nanak:  The Internet, you putz.  I did ask John what ever happened to that band, Toto.  I love their song AfricaIt still amazes me that a writer can rhyme "company" with "Serengeti". 


Nanak then closed his eyes, and faded off mouthing the words in Swahili...."He turned to me as if to say, 'Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you'...".