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Review: Imus Moves to New Studio

Review of move to new MSNBC studio


Two weeks ago Don Imus moved his Imus in the morning show from the WFAN studio in Astoria, Queens, to inside the MSNBC war room in Secaucus, NJ. He only brought along one of his morning crew - long time partner and Imus in the Morning newsman Charles McCord.


The spacious, upbeat feel to the MSNBC digs is a welcome change from the dreary confines of the old WFAN studio.  It takes a little getting used to, but two weeks in, fans and Imus himself feel that this is a winner.


The crew at MSNBC has been broadcasting the Imus in the Morning radio show for several years now and the move was a brilliant one for the cable news channel.  The strength Imus brings to MSNBC is three-fold:

1. Imus in the Morning pulls a strong rating number in a slot where cable news is typically soundly beaten by the dreadful network shows (NBC's Today and ABC's Good Morning America).


2. The show provides an excellent platform and lead in for other NBC and MSNBC shows and talent, including Chris Matthews and Tim Russert.


3. Finally, in a point that Imus continually reminds viewers, the demographic that watches and listens to the show is an affluent group, supposedly causing advertisers to pony up a premium for air time.



While newsman McCord joined Imus in the new studio, the other talent that surrounded Imus in the WFAN 660 studio remain withiin the tired confines.  This group includes irreverent newsman Sid Rosenberg and the talented executive producer of the show, Bernhard McGuirk. 


The separation of the crew is obviously not an issue with radio listeners, but the MSNBC crew had to come up with a way to not only keep the interaction between the Imus team believable, but also had to keep the chemistry of the crew together. 


They discovered separating the crew would work on TV a couple years ago when Imus left to tend to his Imus Ranch for ill children in New Mexico, yet continued to conduct his show from a studio on the ranch.  The entire Imus team remained in the WFAN studio.  They've managed to configure a series of cameras and screens in each studio to make it work.


The only other change to the show since the move to MSNBC studio is the insertion of a news bunny to "share" some of Charles McCord's news update.  To date this has been the drop dead hot MSNBC news host Amy Robach.


Other than eye candy, it is not clear why MSNBC decided to have her share the news updates with McCord.  And Charles doesn't appear to be thrilled with the idea of splitting his duties with her. 


It is unclear whether Robach is excited with her new job either: she has already been the target of sexual innuendo from the sleazy Rosenberg, who last week asked Amy of her opinion on lesbianism.  Robach was not on the set the next 2 shows.  In Amy Robach's place last week was bad girl and MSNBC newswoman Contessa Brewer.


Where does this go from here?  Well, it is hoped that the new studio will attract more in studio guests, although current the line up political players and pundits and other media stars is unsurpassed in radio or television.  And although the curmudgeonly Imus admits he's warmed up to the new studio (although claims he can't get a decent cup of coffee), he'll no doubt start to bitch about it or something within it.  One potential annoyance for the I-man: all the people milling about inside the MSBNC newsroom and studio.  Someone's bound to catch the ire of the grumpy Imus.  Just wait.



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