"Hey one Eye, where do you think you're going?"

Man held at gate due to suspicious appearance


Due to an unfortunate run-in with the lights in our basement, I now don a pretty scary looking black eye and a cut that required 7 stitches.


I have flown around a dozen times since September 11 and as of Wednesday had never been subject to the "random" bag checking that now occurs at the gate during boarding.  


Sure enough, while pre-boarding on my flight to Newark this week the lady got one look at me (black eye, black overcoat, flaw gray sweater) and advised me to please step to the left to go through the special security check.  A few minutes later after being padded down and having all my bags opened and searched, I got the ok to board the plane.


When I eventually was on the plane I had a window seat and on the approach into Newark was able to see the NYC skyline for the first time w/o the World Trade Center buildings.  It was pretty striking - once again the Empire State looms as the distinguishing feature of the city.


FYI - the rumor that they are now asking everyone to remove their shoes in security is not true.    Also, most of the National Guardsmen have been carrying pistols.  I saw one guy in Newark with an M-16.

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